Sunday, 28 November 2010

Awesome Advent from Sufjan Stevens

A stunning version of my fave Advent hymn, love both the apparently haphazard and over the top production! This piece is on an amazing five CD collection Songs for Christmas. The enigmatic Sufjan also produced an incredible CD by another Greenbelt Festival favourite band who played there in 2009, The Welcome Wagon.

Welcome to Advent 2010!



Philip Ritchie said...

Loved this. Not heard it before and the harmonies reminded me of early CS&N. Beautiful.

Chris H said...

An excellent song, some of his stuff just blows me away, some tends to be a bit inaccessible. The Seven Swans album remains my favourite though.

Peter Banks said...

Cheers, Phil...

Yep, Chris, know exactly what you mean! I do find on repeated listens I 'get' what he is trying to do a little bit more each time.

Have you guys listened to The Welcome Wagon yet?