Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The greatest of these is more than music...

I so wish the Sermon on the Mount included the phrase "Blessed are the Music Makers...".

All my life I have believed that art and music can change things for the better and I still endorse that thought. However after visiting the West Bank I have been challenged to consider greater callings.


Monday, 7 July 2014

Palestine - a personal perspective...

As mentioned in a previous post I have been honoured to spend time out in the West Bank both taking part in the Bet Lahem Live Festival and visiting local families during the daytime. My head has been buzzing with all that I saw and experienced and decided to collate some of the images from some of the UK team and create this little offering. I candidly admit although there is some very literal moments to match the lyrics it will be only fully understood by those that were there at the time.

For the full story on the house demolition read Justin Butcher's blog post on the Greenbelt Festival website here.