Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Chords for Contemplation...

Been privileged to have been asked by Tim Abbott to compose and produce some music for CYO, a Colchester based organisation that provides resources to support Sanctum, who visit schools and create spiritual spaces that give students an opportunity to contemplate.

The four pieces are instrumental versions without the voiceover yet retaining the same title as each of the 'spaces' they were written for.



Unknown said...

Well then that means two of my hero's will be working together then!

I guess this is for Tim's wonderful Sanctum 'prayer spaces?'

Peter Banks said...

Cheers... blushes... you are way too kind!

Yes, exactly right, the bigger plan is to make the full audio, with commentary, available soonish.



nevell said...

Good stuff, Peter. Interesting to see what you get up to in your workshop.
BTW, were those genuine Mersea Island waves?

Peter Banks said...

Thanks Tim. Nope, not Mersea waves (we rarely get them big enough!), I recorded them on an Eastbourne beach.

It proved harder than it sounds (!) to prevent wind noise messing up the recording as the waves only sounded 'right' with enough breeze!

Best, PB