Friday, 30 October 2015

Martyn Joseph nails it...!

Captivating video for one of the songs on Martyn's latest collection 'Sanctuary' released today...

Love it!



DyslexiaBlogger said...

Great track Banksy! Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well? John

Peter Banks said...

All good here, thanks! Likewise with you? Best, PB

Richard Taylor said...

Stumbled across your site.
I know you'd always be on the look out for a good tune. (You made a living out of it.)
I've always dismissed Martyn Joseph as a christian second rate Ralph McTell,
but after a good listen from your recommendation, I'm converted. Although I think video could be so much better.
Interestingly, Martin Neils, my old drummer, always raved about him, especially when he got Martin Joseph to play one of my song) on his tour, (without my permission : ) , or royalties...
Like yr posts
Richard Taylor

Unknown said...

Hi Peter, agree about the video. Leaving for Guatemala with Martyn's team February 2016 and could use supporters. Check my public page for more info.

The kids at Project Somos are worth it! Best of the holy season, Christine