Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Ice Cream Church!


A brilliant place near Halifax in Nova Scotia. Not at all comfortable with the naff Christianese jargon wording on the sign but the ice cream was yummy! This place is known throughout the area as 'The Ice Cream Church' and folk come from miles away and queue up (sorry, line up) to sample the delights. The Avodah bit is a café with chowder and coffee where diners are encouraged to hang around and chill. When I asked why the big sign was branded differently from 'The Ice Cream Church' there was a stunned silence followed by 'I don't know'. The good thing is because of the impact of this hip and happening place in the neighbourhood it does encourage new folk through the door of the church. Love it!
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Sam Charles Norton said...

And the equivalent for Mersea is....?