Sunday, 6 December 2009

Do you want the truth or something beautiful...?

One of those car stopping moment songs again - so I'll make this is my Advent /Christmas thought for now... the brilliant new single from Paloma Faith



Sam Charles Norton said...

Cracking song - but I thought the Amy Winehouse/ Duffy stuff wasn't your cup of tea?

Hope Billericay went well

James and Maggie said...

I agree with Sam, wonderful song. Have you heard Regina Spektor? she's another young female artist I like to categorise as fruitcake/genius!

Peter Banks said...

Yep, Jim, love Regina Spektor! Sam, for me it's all to do with the depth of the songs, lyrically and musically, which eliminate Amy and Duffy :-)

Artistes like Paloma Faith, Regina Spektor and the incredible Imogen Heap allow the listener to explore the 'layers' in their songs and even possibly create our own interpretations. On the other hand 'Amy' and 'Rehab' is way too obvious ;-)