Friday, 19 February 2010

Christendom or Christianity...?

So I've read the Book, watched the video, now I can even order the T-Shirt! Ok, part of me would be a lot more comfortable if this said 'Christendom'...

If you require a more in depth look then I recommend Jonathan Bartley's book: Faith and Politics After Christendom: The Church as a Movement for Anarchy.



Sam Charles Norton said...

"Jesus never intended to found a religion, much less be the object of its devotion. The followers of Jesus — the disciples and the early Christian Church — made him into something else. The hierarchies of institutional religion made him God; doctrine and dogma distorted Jesus' identity by making him divine. Church leaders enshrined this exceptional human being as "the only Son of God."

Sorry, but that's a steaming pile of... stuff that's useful for your vegetable garden.

(Like you, though, if it said 'Christendom' I wouldn't have any argument)

Peter Banks said...

Just following your fine example of being controversial (for the sake of it) every now and then ;-)

I will add a couple of words to the blog though... as a result of your guidance!

Peter Banks said...

Have succumbed to Rector Power and modified (after a less speed reading moment)!!! Ta.

sharpies said...

Well said, Rev Sam!