Thursday, 15 April 2010

Eddie Izzard - Brilliant Britain

Well, whoever you vote for you have to agree this is excellent AND positive art?!!

Love it! h/t Martin Wroe

P (Green Party!)


Brad Evans said...

Are you sure?
Didn't NewLabour model itself after Thatcher?
Why are people still so afraid of a woman in her eighties who's had several strokes?
"Fair" can mean anything.
"Compassion" can, too.
Please be specific.

Peter Banks said...

Cheers for the Comment, Brad... think one must take Mr Izzard's script at that point with some comedic license? Not sure anyone is afraid of Mrs Thatcher as a person, more the potential for a return of the 80s greed and avarice.



David Keen said...

wonder how much of his soul that cost? ;-)

Peter Banks said...

Cheers David.

Down to how many pieces of silver then?!