Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Beautiful Game - World Cup Planner

Loving this amazing, dynamic wall chart for the World Cup 2010. This is a brilliant combination of gorgeous web graphic design and clever programming, a work of art! It will be even more impressive if it is updated as the tournament progresses...
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Brian said...

I have absolutely NO interest in the World Cup, or ANY football-related mater, or so I thought until I saw this chart. I am fascinated by the way this chart works so beautifully (even if I consider the game of football to be rather less than beautiful itself!) One thing this does tell me, though, which I didn't already know about and which I am pleased about - the tournament will be over the day before our wedding anniversary, so I have another reason to look forward to that date this year - no more harping on about .....!

BanksyBoy said...

Many thanks, Brian, see, everything can be a reminder for your anniversary?! Best, PB