Sunday, 10 April 2011

When Goldie met Prince (Harry)...

Caught the final edition of this excellent three part series fronted by drums n bass artist Goldie which gives a seriously fresh look at music in Britain today. Whilst all the young musicians were linked by sharing various challenges in their lives, the synergy as the band gels together to play their own material with such diverse cultural styles and in front of Prince Harry at Buck House was truly inspiring.

In addition to the band's journey, with realistically forthright criticism at the hands of their mentors, which included producer Guy Chambers (who co-wrote the Robbie Williams anthem 'Angels'), Soweto Kinch, Cerys Matthews and Ms Dynamite-eee, there were some stunning individual performances too. The really engaging aspect was the authenticity of the writing and composition styles ranging from classical music and musical story telling to, frankly, painful autobiographical disclosures.

There are a few days to watch again using the BBC iPlayer, give yourself a treat!



Roger Coates said...

Yep, Glad I'm not the only one to think the concert was awesome.

sharpies said...

I loved this! It was a joy seeing strong bonds forming and such creativity, brilliant and humbling hearing what difficulties they had managed to overcome.


Peter Banks said...

Many thanks, Roger... and welcome!

Always good to welcome you back, Jennie!