Thursday, 29 November 2012

Former CBS record label mates convention....

Had an unexpected reunion with former CBS records labelmate John Cooper Clarke, still strutting his stuff as the definitive punk poet... On the right (my left in the photo) is one of my son's craft stalls (Sam's Wood) with his wooden creations displayed in the Essex town of Wivenhoe, where JCC now resides.

We reminisced about the various shared acquaintances and personalities from those days, compared notes on our life stories since being 'signed' and generally put the world to rights. Have to say his detailed memory from those heady days is impressive, he hasn't aged a bit ;-)

Here is one of my favourite examples of his work:
I wrote the songs that nearly made
The bottom line of the hit parade
Almost anthems, shoulda been hits
Songs like... Puttin' on the Ritz
Some enchanted afternoon
Twenty-four hours to Levenshulme
Dancin' in the daylight, singin' in the smog
You ain't nothin' but a hedgehog
So close and yet so far
Do you remember they way we are
I'd like to get you on a speedboat to china
From an idea by George Steiner
Ain't no blag - uncle's got a brand new jag
Ain't no slouch - mama's got a brand new couch
She ain't heavy, she's my sister
Not to leave out twist and whisper
Brand new leapordskin pillbox glove
Baby you and me we got a greasy kind of love


MadPriest said...

Did you get the number of John's image consultant by any chance, Banksyboy? If the Rolling Stones can make the effort at their age then you certainly can. Next photo I want to see you in a "Stuff the Jubillee" tee shirt and skinny jeans at the very least. Carry on!

Peter Banks said...

Trouble is I was wearing my skinny jeans ;-)

MadPriest said...

Oh dear. All I can suggest then is that you don't stand next to John Cooper Clarke. :-)

Peter Banks said...

I was wearing 'God save the Synod' underpants...

Anonymous said...

'Outside the takeaway Saturday night,' from Johnny Clarke's laugh out loud 'Kung Fu International.' Maybe should now start 'Outside Sam Banks craft stall....'
Next episode PB meets Abba, the Clash,Judas Priest, His Royal Bobness....