Sunday, 16 December 2012

Catching lightning in a bottle... Jools Holland

Last night's fascinating and insightful programme looking into Jools Holland's career in music and as a TV presenter. As well as an unbelievable player along with his encyclopaedic knowledge of recording artistes and industry history, he also commands great respect from many musical legends because of his talent. As a personal benchmark I often gauge an artist, band or solo, by whether they would be good (or quirky!) enough to appear on Later with Jools.

Throughout the programme there were many gems about music, notably in his demonstration about the difference between learning by ear and a typical piano lesson and then when he enthused about his band, "the perfect band". Describing soul singer Ruby Turner, an integral part of his big band line-up:
"she is us... it's not about the sound, it's about the feeling, and then you hear this sound and this is, like, coming from a completely different place to the modern world but touching a thing that's alive and vital now, and it's all those things of the church, of the blues, of everything all mashed up into this thing that hits you like a nuclear reactor."
Another succinct explanation of the core theme of our book "The Secret Chord"...

The full programme available for next 6 days.

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James and Maggie said...

Pete, I'm so glad you saw this programme, Jools Holland is a music hero of mine too. I thought of you when he talked about Ruby Turner. It seems to me despite 'the devil having all the best tunes' we owe so much of our really groovy music to the legacy of gospel. I'm thinking R&B (the old definition), boogie woogie, soul... motown, stax etc. I'm really interested in this idea vis a vis 'The Secret Chord' of what happens between the ear and the heart and the soul when the 'boogie muscle' is exercised. Jim