Friday, 28 June 2013

The Islanders nail the World Record...

Had a splendid day up Londinium yesterday to watch The Islanders team with two of our Mersea boys aboard break the World Record for a non stop unassisted row round the British Isles in the GBRow2013 challenge. Went to the 02 Dome first and watched them pass through the Thames Barrier before legging it to the Thames Clipper to overtake them, as per the film above, and then watch the record breaking finish at Tower Bridge. (Sorry about the noisy soundtrack, inspiring music to follow!)

Nearly there - only 100 metres to go (after a mere 2,000 miles)!

Let me through, I'm a rower!

And relax! Made it in a new world record time 26 days 09 hours 09 minutes and 58 seconds!

So light up the fire let the flares burn!

'Incoming! Here comes race director Chris Usborne to remind us how to stand up again!'

It's been emotional! L-R: Gavin, Josh, Alan, James

Morgan versus Liggins - enthusiastic supporter of the endeavour from BBC Look East

'Now Chris, if you'll just sign our cheque, that'll be grand!'

Well done boys, enjoy your rest and welcome home!



Liz Hinds said...

I had to re-read that: non-stop?! Crazy. Well done to them.

Did the other team drop out too?

Peter Banks said...

No, the other team, Savoir Faire, are still off East Scotland, 412 nautical miles to go (around 450 miles)...

How's the new novel coming along?!

Bestest, PBx