Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Lament for President Kennedy..

I doubt this tribute needs much explanation..?

I was a mere fourteen years old when President Kennedy died, our neighbours called round to tell my sans TV family the news. Whilst we have subsequently experienced other defining historical moments the shock factor and instant recall of the time and place does not fade.

Since Friday I have pondered appropriate phrases to break my blog silence to mark this particular anniversary. The words of Christ on the cross seemed to resonate along with a prayer for forgiveness. I also noticed Bishop Nick Baines blog made the same connection. So knowing these liturgical phrases would have been very familiar to the Kennedy family when inspiration came I recorded it there and then, last night 23rd November...
Father forgive them, for they know not what they've done
Father, in your mercy, hear their prayer, hear our prayer
Rest in my peace, you who have loved, you who have served
Today you're with me, in Paradise, in Paradise...
And then the official reading for today? Luke 23:33-43


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lsiepw-W said...

It's ridiculous the way people invest so much emotional energy in a man who was considered only a so-so President while he was alive-even by people who had voted for him.
Cults of personality are sad-please find something else to do with your time.