Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Still Standing and Green through and through

Mersea & Pyefleet

Mersea & Pyefleet
ConservativeRobert Davidson1,37342.0Decrease3.8
IndependentJohn Akker1,20236.8New
GreenPeter Banks37411.4Decrease1.4
LabourBarry Gilheany2196.7Decrease7.7
Liberal DemocratGemma Graham993.0Decrease2.6
Conservative holdSwingDecrease20.3

So here are the results from last week's election... in the Colchester & District Green Party target ward of Castle we missed out by just 11 votes. My vote was the 2nd largest in the Borough.

As you can see all the candidates gave votes away to the single issue Independent candidate Mr Akker. However, this is contrary to his press statement "Mr Akker also pointed to the 374 votes taken by Green candidate Peter Banks, adding: “While of course they are completely entitled to stand, they have taken away crucial votes from another, stronger candidate who is also opposing over-development”.


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