Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Prog Rock - a definition...!

Progressive Rock is an attempt to musically orgasm as many times as possible during a 15-minute song...'s brilliant entry all about the genre! (scroll down their page for full benefit)

Can't stand the stuff now, despite murky past, have put away childish things (except trainset)!

h/t Rupert Loydell.



Philip Ritchie said...

Hang on a minute Peter, I've got my copy of Signs Of Change somewhere with Pilgrim etc. I remember ATF playing at Chelmsford City football club and you behind your Hammond organ with the Leslie speaker and the Moog.

I'm proud to have Yessongs alongside London Calling; no reason to apologise for your past! I enjoyed watching you on the Old Grey Whistle Test in the Laser Love days, but I also enjoyed Brand X's session on the same show. Besides, as a drummer I like to play in time sigs other than 4/4 and 2/4 when a drum machine does the job quite competently.

BTW Signs of Change is going for £45 on Amazon!

Peter Banks said...

You're not 'sposed to tell on another muso!

Seriously, cheers for the comment!


Alastair Cutting said...

Yes, less coy of past achievements please!

I was at a concert with Yazz (The Only Way Is Up...) recently.

Big turn around in her life, and faith, in recent years - but she found her whole 'music biz' history so hard she winced as she played brief video clips of the music the audience most remembered her for.

I tried to encourage her in the way I found the 80s ACG music fellowship group supportive. Not to be afraid to be 'in the world'.

And not to be afraid that in growing - a deeply spiritual theme - we change. And even if we find parts of our past a bit puerile now, others may still be finding treasures new in what we have thought was now too old hat.

Now I think of it, my life is rarely lived out in verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge format. It feels much more like a Prog Rock epic with blurred edges. I think it stall has an important place.

Golly turned into a blog post by accident... Sorry.

Hope to catch you at the Burgess Hill gig...

Alastair Cutting said...

And after the Burgess Hill gig I see the drum solo is not dead either!