Friday, 14 May 2010

The Apple of Discord

For many years our small (yet beautiful) company has encouraged our clients to steer away from using FLASH (Cue Queen: 'Ah Ah') on their websites on the basis it yields a 'form above function' solution. Websites built using Flash are usually extremely 'pretty', in fact, some of them do look sensational, however, customers that heeded our advice will now be rewarded bigtime.

By Friday 28th May all pre-orders for the Apple iPad will have been fulfilled and this long awaited and highly desirable gizmo becomes available in the UK. That's when every website developed with Flash will look like the iPhone screen capture above on the iPad (also affects the iPod Touch). As the iPad will probably become the bit of technology that every management and decision maker will acquire then a lot of work will need to be done to provide alternative versions soonest so the typical market sector viewer of these 'glamorous' websites is not lost! Our longer term hunches were realised completely last month when Apple's charismatic 'front man' Steve Jobs posted this open letter to Adobe about Flash.

(The example shown above is a genuine screen grab on the iPhone with the title and web address changed to protect our uninformed competitor!)
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Steve Hayes said...

Though I don't have an iPod or anything like it, I do have a little Firefox add-in called "Noscript", which blocks Flash, Javascript, YouTube and the like. I can allow it if necessary, but bandwidth is expensive here, and I don't fancy paying extra for unsocicited videos and the like.

Peter Banks said...

Indeed, thanks for reinforcing... I see Adobe have now responded without naming Apple! Thanks for comment.