Monday, 17 May 2010

The Village People rule OK

Sometimes I'm really glad I do actually say what I think! For a while I have been commenting on how wonderful the in-house honey and mustard salad dressing tastes at the very best eating place on Mersea, The Art Café. I've been calling it 'Jungle Juice' and they've kindly been giving me extra helpings! Then on Friday, at our staff training lunch, the proprietors, the lovely Maggie and James presented me with my very own bottle of their delicious nectar!

A very chuffed and smiley BanksyBoy!
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sharpies said...

Excellent! :-D

Have they opened their new shop yet?

Peter Banks said...

They have indeed, it's called the 'Cake Hole'. Fantastic bread... and honey and mustard dressing :-)