Sunday, 2 January 2011

Peter Gabriel, Wallflower, lest we forget...

To view the song only, it is also on YouTube here: Peter Gabriel - Wallflower (piano version)

Peter Gabriel's December message in which he talks about a number of projects he has been involved such as Witness and also bigs up Emmanuel Jal's 'We want Peace' project. Towards the end of this video he performs an exclusive, informal version of his 1982 song 'Wallflower' which was inspired through seeing the work of Amnesty. This simply features PG accompanied beautifully by pianist Tom Cawley. 'Wallflower' is one of PG's songs selected for the 'New Blood' record featuring full orchestral arrangements. It is in support of Mary Robinson, one of the innovative peacemakers, The Elders.

My highlight of 2010 was experiencing PG's Scratch My Back concert which I reviewed extensively here, so inspiring, so moving and the most significant spiritual refreshment of the year...

You can still preview the whole Scratch My Back album here too



Mike said...

Stunning. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, PG's voice is one that never fails to pierce my soul. I think he could sing a jingle for a toilet bowl cleaner and I'd probably still end up in tears!

Thanks for posting this Peter. Happy New Year.

BanksyBoy said...

Cheers Mike, totally concur! Best for 2011 and beyond, PB