Sunday, 9 April 2017

Mersea Island beach hut fire...

So this happened overnight, early Sunday morning, around 10 of the unique Mersea Island beach huts completely destroyed. At the time of writing the true cause has not been established. However, assumptions are readily made, particularly as there have been spates of vandalism up and down the rows of huts. However this was triggered it doesn't alter the heartbreak of the destruction of someone's little corner of personal paradise.

It is inevitable that the lack of a regular police attendance here on Mersea will be raised. Regardless of whether it is proven that this inferno was actually caused by vandals I do support the view that a greater police presence is very much needed. But that is definitely not limited to just this wee fair isle.

Therefore I support our police, military and emergency services receiving extra funding rather than the crippling budget cuts they are enduring. How much better would it be if our communities and the true public servants felt secure and valued?

Promoted by Robbie Spence on behalf of Peter Banks, both of 124 Morant Road, Colchester CO1 2JD

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