Saturday, 6 May 2017

It's been a Hard Day's Night...

John JowersConservative252548.67%1.67%
John AkkerIndependent105820.39%20.39%
Bry MogridgeLabour53310.27%-5.13%
David BroiseUKIP4749.14%-18.66%
Jo HayesLib Dem3176.11%1.71%
Peter BanksGreen 2815.42%0.12%
ElectorateTurnout% Turnout

In fairness I'm still recovering from Polling Day for the Essex County Elections last Thursday 4th May. Despite the ignominy of trailing back in last place I do celebrate the 280 folk that care enough to vote for a vision that includes the survival of our planet beyond our own generation, thank you!

The Greens have gained seats nationwide and we do have some promising prospects for the forthcoming general election but it seems the image of The Green Party is still seen as just a bunch of tree hugging, sandle wearing vegan hippies that want to switch the lights off...

The trouble is I found the prejudice about the party is so deeply embedded when I chatted with voters. Many are simply not prepared to even discuss the fallacy of their perceptions and fiercely want to protect their position of one I can only describe as wilful ignorance. Equally I experienced a warmth and respect from both unexpected sources and those already in my circle of friends. Above all the heartfelt messages of support and encouragement I received yesterday cheered my spirits no end, my spark returneth!

Now it is onward to the General Election 2017. The Colchester and District Green Party have a fantastic candidate for the Harwich and North Essex constituency in my colleague Blake Roberts who will be saying hello soon!

Once again a HUGE thanks, you know who you are!!


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