Thursday, 11 May 2017

Thursday Thoughts 11th May...

So there are just four weeks left to the General Election and new Manifestos are appearing (or leaking) today. Regardless here are a couple of thoughts to peruse that have caught my eyes and ears this week:

The inimitable Robert Llewellyn ranting about negatives and positives to do with the election, world politics, dieselgate and exciting developments in the renewable industries. Favourite line: "Let's burn coal and make children sweep the chimneys"!

The brilliant Caroline Lucas visits the Isle of Wight (I might have said that's where I was born and bred?!) to support the Green Party candidate, Vix Lowthion, in her campaign to take the seat from the Tories.

And, finally... an incredible programme recently shown on the BBC "Bronx to Bradford: Friars on a mission". Sadly it's only available for a couple more days, it's so good I recommend coughing up a quid or two to purchase a download when it becomes available. It matters not whether you are a person of faith, this is touching, authentic, gut-wrenching and incredibly uplifting...


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