Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Devil Inside....


First of all I thought this was a spoof h/t the Stuff Christian Culture Likes blog! Surely this cannot actually be a real product? Then, shock horror, the discovery that this 'Christian' equivalent of the mainstream 'Guitar Hero' is already on sale in the UK for £59 (free delivery btw)! If you need to see more (to believe!) check out the promo (which includes some dreadful phrases such as 'on screen lyrics reflect positive Christian messages' and 'live the dream: jam with your favourite Christian band') then check out the youtube video here.

I think this is another dreadful step towards a separate and highly consumerist church using world culture within its own veil restored temple. Furthermore, from the price of the product it is almost definitely manufactured for peanuts in China (or similar location) under conditions that we would call slave labour. This alone disgusts me even more than the utter distaste I have for the product and everything that it actually stands for.

Now that is truly diabolical...


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Philip Ritchie said...

Spot on PB. Just when I think the Christian sub culture marketing gurus can't get any lower they go and prove me wrong!
btw did you see this