Friday, 16 October 2009

The Rolling Bones...


They should have gone to SpecSavers!
Read more in Ruth Gledhill's article in the Times Online. This section caught my eye:
— At Westminster Cathedral alone, 50,000 roses - the saint's symbol - were sold and up to 10,000 candles. Roses sold for £10 for a small bunch, although as the final Mass progressed they were discounted to £5
— The Big Issue seller outside Westminster Cathedral during farewell Mass sold three copies at £1.50 each


James and Maggie said...

This seems to me sad and ridiculous in equal measure...I often ask myself when I read things like this 'what would Jesus have done'? and the answer in my heart is he would've turfed 'em all out of the building and taken the Big Issue vendor for a decent hot meal! P.S. sorry we couldn't accommodate you earlier Peter...have a good weekend.

maggi said...

Spot on, peter

Shopping City Chaplaincy said...

Mmmmm The Church makes money while the poor go begging. Interesting.