Thursday, 22 October 2009

I need(ed) some time to think...

Random beliefs

Rev Sam tagged me with this yonks ago! I'm supposed to 'Post a collection of 10 things you believe, ethical, philosophical or theological' and here, finally, it is:
  1. I believe music is, therefore I am!
  2. I believe I am in a good place most of the time.
  3. I believe it's time to leave the sinking ship.
  4. I believe food and feasts, with love, can change any world.
  5. I believe listening is more important than trying to shout loudest.
  6. I believe it's better to build bridges rather than walls.
  7. I believe the veil of the temple should always remain torn in two.
  8. I believe I am ok with being a servant yet struggle with being a slave.
  9. I believe I don't do enough good things to help others.
  10. I believe it is essential to individually do what would make a difference even when it seems everyone else won't.
  11. I believe complication leads to confusion. (As a muso my amp goes up to 11!)
Now I'm going to tag: Phil R, James W and Joe H (please forgive me if I hadn't seen you've already been had!)

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