Friday, 11 January 2019

Atoms, Elements and Isotopes... Video #009

Believe it if you dare... this video is in response to requests to cover some basic atomic and nuclear science. So I have decided to break them down into short episodes, your thoughts and comments always appreciated.

And there's still time to wish y'all a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Monitoring Electricity Energy Mix Video #005

As you can see from the extra navigation links above this is an area of great interest to me. In this video I look at a couple of ways you can examine the UK Energy Mix data via computer here and also using a smartphone app.

At the time of writing (12:30pm Sunday 25th November 2018) this is matching set of screen shots from the app which compares the Carbon Intensity and Current Generation:

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Nuclear Regulators and Reactor Types... the Interviews

In August I was able to catch up with my good friend Jim Stewart and he was gracious enough to provide interviews to enable two videos to be made, one on Nuclear Reactor types in use in the United Kingdom (see below) and, firstly, information about the Nuclear Regulators working in the UK (above)...