Monday, 29 June 2009

Making sense...

I should prefer that these vestments might be abolished, not because I believe that there is anything about them which in itself is wicked so that godly men could not use them with a clear conscience, but because I observe that owing to a chronic shortage of suitable teachers in the churches they are a source of superstitious belief to very many people: and also because they have now been seized upon as ground of contention more damaging than anyone has been able to explain. Moreover it is consistent with our profession of the Cross of Christ that we should aspire to the simplicity of Christ the Saviour and the Apostles in all external matters, including the outward dress of ministers...

Martin Bucer ~ 1550


Thursday, 25 June 2009

First day back at School...!

We returned to Dagenham to start rehearsals for the festival gigs we have coming up, always a few cobwebs to clear away first - then we got going and all was very well! See you on the road soon...


Ancient and Modern

This is here just because I like it... blog discovery of the day

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pub 1 - 0 Church

Couldn't resist nipping down the road here on Mersea and snapping a much better and charming way of blocking off an entrance... why do we tend to lack God's gift of imagination when it comes to church matters ;-)


Friday, 19 June 2009

The way we think...

I have been longing to photograph this ever since I saw it for the first time! So yesterday my camera and my body were in the same location. Of course it makes me smile and I know this is not a deliberate deterrent to potential worshippers! However, it is a subtle deterrent in that it illustrates how we often think as regular churchy peeps - how much more sensitive would it be to have a sign that says 'Stay safe, please use the next entrance' or similar. And I think this is more of a rural, traditional chuch phenomena.

A good article in the Guardian by Theo Hobson expanding this here

Lots more to say about this... soon!