Friday, 18 September 2009

The two kinds of new...

Here is a collection of assets to support the audio of Rob Bell's second talk at Greenbelt 2009. Viewing the videos will fill in music missing from the audio for copyright reasons.

The first picture he showed was a photograph taken on his cellphone (bet it's an iPhone!) of Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama embracing when Rob was up close and personal at a special event. Have Twittered Rob to see if we can add his pic, meanwhile:

Then Rob talked about round the globe sailor Joshua Slocomb, 1st pic from GB official photographer Jonathon Watkins:

This was supported by a picture of the vessel, 'Spray', which Joshua had rebuilt over a 3 year period and then set sail in (my view from afar!):

After Rob showed a lady of 73, he also showed a photo of legendary composer and producer Brian Eno at 60:

Having already introduced some of Johnny Cash's work in his Saturday talk, Rob showed the sensational video of Johnny's cover of Nine Inch Nails' 'Hurt':

It would be impossible to capture the interaction Rob had with the lady signing for the deaf, you had to be there! The picture he put up was of Flo-Rida and the 'hit' was played, here's the song with a pic:

If you haven't already bought the audio, available here from the Greenbelt Webshop I thoroughly recommend listening, it was hugely inspiring, uplifting and challenging.

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James and Maggie said...

Interesting the picture of 'Des.' with the 'Dal'. I have that Johnny Cash album and play it from time to time when my spine needs a tingle!

Peter Banks said...

Cheers! Yes, I would say only 25% of the people in the venue had seen the Johnny Cash video, it was pin drop time! Can lend you the CD of the talk, amazing stuff?