Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Green Party standing up for Mersea & Pyefleet

Candidates and Mersea residents Lisa and Peter

Mersea Island and villages in the Ward face unique challenges in addition to those of Colchester Borough. The ridiculous decision of the Chancellor to build a new nuclear power station at Bradwell to be designed and operated by the Chinese has energised the population to protest. Furthermore, despite the Tory government’s undermining of renewable energy, sustainable electricity generation in the UK has now reached 24.7% and increasing. Why should we rely on nuclear power for future energy supplies?

Colchester Green Party actively supports campaigns against the dissolution of Fuel Element Debris (FED) at Bradwell and subsequent discharges of radioactive residue into the shallow Blackwater estuary. The authorities have a duty to leave a clean, safe environment for our children, grandchildren and beyond. Local fishermen and conservationists share these concerns.

The local elections this May 5th are unusual due to the ward changes and you will each have 3 votes to choose 3 councillors. The Green Party has 3 candidates standing in our ward:

Vote Green to demonstrate your desire for change; for a clean, green environment and a caring community.

Locally we need:

  • Renewable energy sources and subsidies
  • Revival of the Cycle Highway to Colchester outlined in the Mersea Appraisal
  • Fair-Fare & eco-friendly bus services
  • Appropriate infrastructure suitable to support new and affordable housing
  • Sustainable and ethically managed industries

What we don’t want:
  • A new nuclear power station
  • Lack of transparency re dismantling processes of Bradwell Power Station
  • More nuclear industry waste storage at Bradwell
  • Any radioactive discharges into the Blackwater and atmosphere arising from FED dissolution


Promoted by Robbie Spence on behalf of Lisa Britton, Peter Banks and Bartosz Mizgier
Colchester & District Green Party, all at 124 Morant Road, Colchester CO1 2JD


nevell said...

I'll be voting for you in spirit! AS a sign of confidence that people like yyou care for your corner of Essex, we have booked a cottage in Rowhedge for the beginning of August :-)

Peter Banks said...

Cheers Tim! Look forward to seeing you sometime then?! P