Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Greenbelt Festival 1974-2010 re-United...

Every so often a little bit of self promotion is unavoidable...! So here goes:

Saturday week 16th October 2010 After The Fire are delighted to have been asked to be part of this event to help raise funds and awareness the plight of the Dalit people of India via Life Association, a charity headed up by the noble Simon Hawthorne. The main attraction of the evening will be the re-union of the Bill Mason Band with the aforementioned Simon on guitar. Along with ourselves (After The Fire) and 70s legends The Movement Family Band the lovely songstress Hannah Atkins will be performing bringing the Greenbelt Festival connection right up to date after her stonking set in the Performance Café this year at #GB10.

For details of how to get tickets (via a PayPal donation) for this special one off event follow the Life Association link.

See you there?!

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Steve Spicer said...

Sounds like a great night of nostalgia for those of us who have seen a few Greenbelts.

I wonder if there would be any milage in doing a complete retro Greenbelt?

Lesley said...

Ooooo... I went to Salford Uni, and I went to a Vineyard Church in Maxwell Hall.... makes me want to travel up north to see you all

BanksyBoy said...

Cheers Steve. Dunno about retro GB, always difficult looking back when it feels better to look forward... BUT, I do feel GB is losing it's way on the music front more and more each year. It appears whoever books the musical acts is less and less in touch with GB vision, lots I've observed and lots I wish I could communicate to them...

Oooo Lesley! It would be amazing if you could come but understand family and churchy commitments. We are also playing in Kingston 19th and Coventry 20th November? x