Wednesday, 13 October 2010

So Human, so divine...

For the next couple of days the painstaking task of bringing the Chilean miners to the surface goes on... it is impossible not to be deeply moved by the sight of the rescue capsule 'Fenix' appearing out of the top of the metal encased shaft with its precious cargo on board.

How cool is it that the Chilean Navy torpedo experts went to work to design and build the capsules? How special is it to see rescue teams using lifelong manual skills working in conjunction with some basic Newtonian Mechanics restoring families and stimulating prayers of thanks and joy?

May the process continue in safety and reach the conclusion that everyone longs for.

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Philip Ritchie said...


James and Maggie said...

Deeply moving indeed, to witness these souls emerging slowly one by one. Uplifting too (excuse the pun) to be receiving good news on the media for a change. Praying for the rest of the operation to run smoothly.

BanksyBoy said...

Cheers Phil... and James!

The feeling that comes over me as I watch the capsule come into sight is extraordinary...

Al said...

I loved watching the happy reunions on the surface, the next guy getting in down below, the very personable president right there doing his thing.
I had to watch until the last of the rescue workers got in and left the lights on!
I particularly liked watching it live on the net--no commentary, nothing but the live feed.
It's amazing how therapeutic good news is!